Life is Beautiful

-Sumitra Shrestha


Sounds confusing, right! Yes, it sounds confusing when we say life is beautiful because it is full of thorny path, loads of troubles and lot's of beautiful moments to share. It pricks sharply at each and every point. But, just think life has not only offered us the hurdles it has also gifted us with magical worldly fun and magical things around us. Don't you think it's magic when we get to see the new morning? Don't you think like magic that we get to hear the melodies around us? Don't you think it's magic when we are able to share our feelings and share the beautiful things? Don't you think it's magic what we can get the taste of mouth-watering delicacies? And after all it's magic that we can explore the new place with it's own identity.

If there were no sorrows then I don't  think we could value for happiness that we celebrate. Whenever we lose anything then our life will replace that with another thing. If, I think about myself I don't think of bad for others. So, whenever anything bad happens to me I cry a lot. Blood runs down my nerves and I blame God for doing injustice to me. And to be true to say I cannot hold my tears in front of anyone and at any place. So, I cry a lot and when the time passes by I thank God for saving me from worse after suffering bad and console myself. After that I just wish good for the person who did hurt me and forget it. At the end when person realizes the mistake, that time I thank God for being fair to everyone. I am also not back in laughing to my stomach and celebrating the happiness. So, this is what life is. Mixture of tears and joys. It is not experimental but there is no harm in trying our best to make the life beautiful. Now, if I say don't take others bad words to your hear and always think positive then you might think that I wasn't to make you like saint. But it is not like that.

I think, now, you can increase your positive attitude towards life. Whatever happens in life it happens for something good. To make your life beautiful enjoy the moment of happiness and not to forget sadness too. Try to cope with stress and be optimistic. Always hope for the best and be prepared for the worse. Dream for the moon and don't let the stars slip away from your hand. So enjoy each and every moment to your fullest as if there is no tomorrow.

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