My first Valentine's Day

-S.K. Shrestha

It was 14th Feb 1995 when I first came to know about Valentine’s Day. I was just thirteen. A world was purely a blend of love and excitement. The day was a gift for me. Whatever I saw, wherever I went – everywhere I felt it like paradise. A special feeling was there which made me feel really excited. Ah! What a time it was. Every person, as I know, really gets excited about his/her beloved most in his/her early teenage.

I still remember that day, my first experience about Valentine’s Day. I was in grade nine. The whole environment was astonishing. Even at junxtatation I felt really alone. Even a second was stretching to no end. Eventually I used to wake up at 7:30 a.m. on those days. But I don’t now what happened to me on that day even I hadn’t slept for whole night I was feeling fresh.  “Tring-Tring…………. Tring-Tring”. The phone rang at 6:45 a.m. I picked the phone. I heard a voice from other side, “Hey so-love what’s up man? I have a special work with you. Please meet me within 15 minutes at our regular hang-out. Bye.” It was Kumar, one of my closest friends then. Then I got ready and went to meet Kumar. 

As I met him he went on and on without stopping like this, “Yaar! Today’s Valentine’s Day. You have to support me. You see I love her so much. You know that girl from ABC school. I really do love hr but don’t know how to propose her. You, ya! You have to give this greeting card to her. Please don’t say no. Please Yaar! Otherwise I will die on the sake of love. Please do it for me yaar. Pleaaaasssseeeeeeeeeeeeee……………….

Alash! What could I say, I accepted and took greeting card from him and went to meet his girl. Time routine of buses was 8:00 a.m. for his girl and 8:15 a.m. for mine one. So, I hurried to give over the card but his girl came lately. She came at 8:10 an I as I was giving her the greeting card my girl came. She was shocked. She started weeping and ran out tellineg me not to try to meet her anymore. I was shocked. I was awful. It wasn’t my fault.

The whole day left me awful. I even didn’t go to school. I was waiting for her call. Phone rang for so many times but it was not her, the calls were not for me. What could I say about how I felt on that day. I waited for her till my twelfth Standard but she didn’t show up. Still today we haven’t met just because she didn’t listen to me. Might be if she is reading this magazine and reading this page then she might try to reach me but please I love to tell her not to try to reach me. Today I am a very happy family-man.

Now guys! I love to tell you one thing that give priority to the things what you want not to the things other asks for. Otherwise you will suffer, suffer for your whole life and ye one thing more never help your friend in case of love otherwise you better know my story.

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