Youth and Rage

-Yojana Shrestha

I, often in my school days have seen boys being aggressive. A slight brush against each other would result into long stares. No words would be spoken but the stars were enough to spark animosity between them. I used to find these behaviours ridiculous but would accept it as I thought it was normal for boys to behave that way. But at the same time I used to wonder wouldn't a 'sorry' or 'are you alright' resolve the problem more amicably?

Then i went to Australia, I saw people of that country behave differently. A 'sorry' or 'thank you', 'excuse me', 'are you alright', 'can I do something for you', 'how can I help you' these phrases were used so often and it seemed so naturally to come to them. Mind you, I am talking about the Australians not the immigrants of Middle East or south East Asia. I suddenly wondered in this why they are more civilized and developed than us?

To take an instance the traffic there seemed to be moving in harmony. Each car seemed to be smiling at one another, talking to each other; the pedestrain would confidently cross the road from the zebra cross. But the scenario here is pathetic!

We can see young men beating up taxi drivers or a nicely dressed gentleman showing his fist and swearing. Vehicles seem to be angry and frustrated. Everyone seems to be in a hurry but we Nepalese are famous for not reaching anywhere in time whether there is traffic or no traffic so why the hell are we acting impatient on the road?

It is an undeniable truth that the fate of a country depends on the youth. History stands witness to revolutions brought about by the youth of various countries in various times. Being the descendants of the 'Bir Gorkhar' may be we are hot blooded and full of energy but are we using this energy in the right direction? Shutting off schools, colleges, going on strikes for every other reason, beating up people to show our own supremacy is not going to lead us anywhere.

What happened to strategies and the tact of manipulation? Why can't we use our brains and physical energy to get our something productive from these strikes so that one strike would be enough to end our woes. By striking for petty reasons we are diminishing the value of strikes. Soon the authority will be immune (as it already seems to be) to that then what measure are we going to take? Don't we realize that we need to be educated first to make the maximum use of our brains so why not try and separate the education system from politics?

Let our actions beneficial to the country and not damage what little w have. Let's learn to be patient and polite and not waste our times in petty brawls but reserve it for the right cause. After all the future of our country depends on us so lets be responsible citizens.

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