Career : Career as an Airhostess

-Najir Hussain

As a student fresh out of 10+2, you are undoubtedly  eager to decide upon a career. A world of possibilities awaits you..... You could pursue a career in Medicine or Technical or Architecture or Interior Designing. Then there are the Arts, Civil Services and Marketing......! But stop.... right there! And Think.... Think hard..... Because the decision you make will have a great bearing on the rest of your life.While choosing your career you must prudently and judiciously review the the long-term prospect on the account. A career in AVIATION as an AIR HOSTESS assures a promising future. Today advances in aircraft service, design and state of Art technologies possess great challenges to the Air Hostess and Flight Stewards.

There is at present wide gab between the requirement and availability of Air Hostess and the industry is feeling the constrained. The gap is likely to widen further with the retirement of old and experienced personnel in the immediate future apart from new upcoming airlines and vast expansion of existing airlines. Thus, there is more than ample scope for decent highly remunerative and exciting job in glamorous filed for youth well trained in the field of aviation.

Job prospects in the field of Civil Aviation have increased. Yeti Airlines, Buddha Air and Agni Airlines are some of the private airlines which have entered the field and revolutionized the industry. Many International Airlines have started their flight from Nepal and this number is increasing day by day. Thus, there is an increasing demand for Air Hostesses, Flight Stewards, Airport Ground Staffs, Technicians, Commercial Staff and so on.

Air Hostess Training provides students  with a comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary aspiring them to get in Aviation Industry. Air Hostess Training is highly practical and focused on what industry needs as it is evolved through constant interaction with leading professionals who are a part of the Aviation Industry. Visiting faculties from different airlines and hospitality industry add finishing touch to students. Needless to say at the end of the program Air Hostess Trainees are equipped with the exquisite skills to excel in the Aviation Industry. Personality Development is greatly stressed during training and all students undergo special classes and workshops for this, whilst innovative activities like stage exposures and case studies etc. ensures that trainees become true leaders.

Eligibility for an Air Hostess is minimum 12 years of education and 5'2" height with pleasant personality and corrective eye vision (Contact Lens als Accepted). Duration of the Air Hostess Training is 3 months.

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