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  -H.B. Chhetri  

Why one chooses to be a  doctor?

 Medical doctor as a profession is among the most promising careers across the globe due to high social respect, handsome remuneration and global prospects of job. Those who choose to become a doctor must have self-motivation towards serving those who suffer from diseases, high devotion in their work, patience and hard working.

What is MBBS?

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) is the primary medical qualification awarded upon graduation by the medical schools in medicine and surgery that follow the tradition of the United Kingdom. Medical schools in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, etc. award MBBS as the primary medical degree to practice medicine. Mostly the 10+2 graduates of Nepal dream of getting a scholarship seat in a good medical school at home or abroad by scoring high in the medical entrance examinations conducted by Ministry of Education,  Kathmandu University, BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Institute of Medicine and  embassies of China, India, Pakistan, etc. Those who fail to get a scholarship seat choose to study MBBS under self-support. Only those whose parents have sufficient financial background can opt to join medical school either at home-country or abroad in self-support. Many students choose to study medicine in the private medical institutions of Nepal affiliated to Kathmandu University or Tribhuvan University. Studying MBBS in the private medical colleges affiliated to Kathmandu University or Tribhuvan University is very expensive, usually more than 30 lakhs has to be paid in installment. 

Studying MBBS in India is so expensive that it is out of the reach of Nepalese people. Therefore, very few can afford to go to India to study MBBS .These days, there have been advertisements about medical study in Philippines .But the eligibility to study medicine in Philippines is Bachelor of Science (B.Sc. or B.S.).One cannot directly join a medical course in Philippines after 10+2 or A level .Therefore, Philippines is not a right choice for 10+2 graduates. The basic medical degree awarded by a medical institution in Philippines is not MBBS but MD which is equivalent to MBBS.


The basic medical degree to practice medicine in Russia, East European countries and break away countries of former Soviet Union is known as MD and the course duration is 6 years plus one year internship after graduation. Nowadays very few Nepalese choose to go to study in Russia, East European countries and break away countries of former Soviet Union because of existence of numerous problems in those countries.
Bangladesh is one of the destinations for MBBS study for Nepalese students. One must be very careful while choosing a private medical college in Bangladesh because there is always risk of being de-recognized, specially newly opened private medical colleges, due to failure to fulfill the criteria of Bangladesh Medical Council several  years later. But due to misleading advertisements and lack of proper guidance many students are being trapped in many low-graded private medical institutions in Bangladesh. Recently, Nepal Medical Council has published the name list of private medical institutions in Bangladesh stating that the NMC will not issue eligibility certificates for the Nepalese students who study MBBS in those black listed private medical colleges. Nepal Medical Council has put the following private medical colleges in Bangladesh in black list (Please refer “Kantipur daily dated 23rd May 2010).
1. Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College, Pathan tola Sylhet



 2. North Bengal Medical College,JC, Road Dhanbandi,Sirajganj

 3. BGC Trust Medical College Kanchan Nagar Chandanaish,Chittaong

 4. Nightingale Medical College, Ashulia,Sarker Market, Dhaka 

 5. Southern Medical College, Mozaffor Ahmed Chy,Road East Nasirabad, Chittagong

 6. Northern International Medical College,Dhanmondi,Dhaka

 7. Northern Medical College,Dhapchiklibata Burirhat Road,Rangpur

 8. Delta Medical College, 26/2, Darus Salam Road, Mirpur-1, Dhaka

 9. Durra Samad Rahman Red Cresecent Women’s Medical College, Sylhet

 China has been a popular destination for MBBS aspirants of Nepal for the last one decade under self support when some medical institutions started teaching MBBS in English medium, since 1999. Therefore the history of teaching MBBS in English medium by some selected medical schools in China is about 12 years. In the beginning some low graded medical institutions, whose names were hardly heard even by Chinese also enrolled foreign students for MBBS in English medium although these low graded did not have sufficient infra-structure like faculties who could teach in English medium, good hospitals for practice, text books in English etc .Till these medical institutions were not eligible to enroll even Chinese students for MBBS. These medical institutions hired short term faculties to teach in English medium. Some medical institutions, under the advice of their Nepalese representatives, taught 4 years in China and then   allowed Nepalese students to return Nepal for the 5th year practice known as pre-internship. This practice was against the universally excepted principle of the fact that one is required to complete medical study in the same institution of his or her studies. This was a result of misguidance given by the representative of Chinese medical institutions as well as lack of supervision, right from beginning, of Nepal Medical Council and Ministry of Education. Nepal government should not have allowed doing pre-internship right from beginning. It is irony that representatives of some medical institutions in China convinced the authorities of Chinese universities to follow the course duration of Nepal-four and half year plus one year internship, only for Nepalese students, which was illegal because the universally accepted rule is that foreign students should get the same degree and opt the same course duration as the medical students of the native country. It seemed  that Nepal Medical Council authorities were  ignorant about this discrepancy until it was too late when  they suddenly  announced that the Nepalese students, who have done MBBS from those institutions, would not be allowed to do 5th year practice in Nepal.

New regulations of Ministry of Education, China for quality control standard for MBBS in English medium for international students. 






  Against this background, Ministry of Education, China, announced new and strict regulations, for standardization of MBBS teaching in English medium for international students, known as “Provisions for Quality Control Standards on Undergraduate Medical Education in English for International Student in China” and has been implemented since 2008. The new regulations have proved useful for standardization of   MBBS education in English medium. Prior  to promulgation of new regulations by MOE, China  there have been numerous confusions, problems, discrepancies and draw backs  in regard to  MBBS teaching in English medium for foreign students. There have been controversies and disputes in regard to course duration, curriculum, importance of Chinese language for internship, policy regarding internship, etc. These controversies and confusions existed because Nepalese representative of some low graded medical institutions in China influenced the authorities of the medical institutions in China to formulate the so called Nepalese syllabus and Nepalese course duration of five and half year only for Nepalese students while the formal course duration in China for Chinese and other international students is 5 years plus one year internship after graduation. 
Every year, since 2008, the Ministry of Education in China has been publishing the name list of standard medical medical institutions which can enroll international students for MBBS course in English medium.

 The main feature of new regulations announced by MOE, China is as follows:
 1. The course duration for MBBS in English medium for foreign    students is 6 years. 6th year is the internship year which can be completed either in the hospitals of the university in China or in a hospital in the home country recognized by the Ministry of Health of the concerned country.
 2. Chinese language is compulsory during the whole course of study along with the MBBS course in English medium in order to ensure the good communication skills with the Chinese patients in the hospitals. In order to do internship in the hospitals of the university in China, it is mandatory to   pass Chinese language proficiency exam known as HSK before entering internship in the 6th year.
 3. The Ministry of Education will commission the Medical Education Expert Group to assess the teaching quality of the undergraduate medical education program in English for international students in China and to publish the name list of the institutions and scale of admission. The Institutions that are not in the name list will not be allowed to enroll international students for the undergraduate medical program in English.
 4. Higher educational institutions that enroll international students for the undergraduate medical program in English in China shall have the authority to grant master’s degree in Basic Medicine and Clinical Medicine (First-level Subjects), and the affiliated hospitals with Grade III, Level A, have teachers who can teach all the subjects in English medium, etc.
 The List of Medical Universities in 2010/2011 recognized by Ministry Of Education In China For MBBS In English Medium is as follows:
 Note 1: Although Beijing University, Sun Yat  -sen University, Shanghai  Jiaotong  University,Tsinghua University school of Medicine are also recognized to enroll international MBBS students in English medium, they will not have intake in 2010/2011 session (visit: ), that is why their names are not included in the name list of 2010.
  Can one study MBBS in a medical institution not listed by MOE, China, as eligible to enroll international MBBS students in English medium?  

The ministry of Education, there is no regulatory body in the name of Medical Council in China, is the regulatory body for medical institutions in China. The regulations of MOE,China has set the criteria for a medical institution to be eligible to enroll international MBBS students in English medium. Only those medical institutions which  have the authority to grant master’s degree in Basic Medicine and Clinical Medicine (First-level Subjects),  the affiliated hospitals with Grade III, Level A, have faculties who can teach all subjects in English medium, have the library with English reference materials ,etc. have been qualified to enroll international MBBS students in English medium. Therefore those medical institutions which are not in the list of MOE, China are sub-standard. That is why Medical Council of India is allowing Indian students  to go to China for MBBS study only in those medical institutions which have been in the list of MOE, China as qualified medical institutions eligible to enroll international MBBS students in English medium.(Please visit: )

 Few agencies in Nepal are cheating students by enrolling students in the name of MBBS in English medium, although they are scared to write English medium publicly in their advertisements, in non-listed and sub-standard medical institutions. As those types of medical institutions are not qualified to teach in English medium, it is evident that the course duration in non-listed medical institutions, as per regulations, must be 7 years including one year Chinese language prior to begin medical study and internship after graduation. Otherwise the medical degree must be invalid. This fact, knowingly or unknowingly, has been concealed by the agencies of non-listed sub-standard medical institutions in China. Is Nepal Medical Council aware about this manipulation? Nepal Medical Council, as Medical Council of India has rightly   done for Indian students, must allow Nepalese students to go to China to study MBBS only in those standard medical institutions which have the authority to recruit international MBBS students in English medium.
Therefore, it is advisable that Nepalese students choose only those standard medical institutions in China which have been authorized by Ministry of Education, China to enroll international MBBS students in English medium.
(Please visit: , click policies)
After Chinese government standardized the MBBS study in English medium for international students, China must be the best choice for MBBS study in English medium.







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