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About NSS

National School of Sciences (NSS) has maintained its legacy as a centre of excellence  since its humble beginnings in 1993. It primarily focuses on imparting quality higher secondary education to all the citizens ofNepal. The Faculty of Science & Technology at NSS is a place for innovation, learning, discovery, expression and discourse. Every year, NSS welcomes more than 2000 studentsfrom every conceivable geographic division, socio-economic background and future career choicesfrom all over the country. We educate students with the objective that after their rigorous two years here, they will be better able to observe, understand, experiment and produce significant results in whatever field of study they choose and become true global citizens. To meet the essential requirements for strengthening the quality of its programs, NSS is in the process of further developing its own infrastructure and services to maintain global standards and sophistication. With the support of a full-time dedicated faculty and staff, the institution has been capable to impart quality education to more than 2500 students every year.NSS places student success at the heart of everything it does. Affordability and equity, have been, and will always be the cornerstones of NSS. It’s a concept well off the beaten path in an educational landscape of rising tuition fees and widespread academic commercialization, but we truly believe this has worked in our and the students benefit.

The organization of NSS broadly includes academic and administrative divisions with some ancillary sections such as the library, financial department which are overseen by respective co-ordinators, the Vice- Principal’s office, the Principal’s office and overall by the board of directors.

Our vision is to empower students to acquire, demonstrate, articulate and value skill based  knowledgewhich shall support their claim as competent and competitive global students of science and technology, and help them in their respective careers while instilling strong moral and ethical values.

Our Mission:
Is to enable all learners' access to learning through the provision of:-

  • Differentiated, in-depth and cohesive learning programs aligned to the content and achievement standards as informed by the curriculum.
  •  Highly effective teachers, focused on improving student outcomes, through their commitment to ongoing professional development, quality teaching, evidence based practices, coaching, mentoring and collaboration.
  • Taking steps to change the traditional and strictly theoretical learning process that hinders understanding and stifles creativity.
  •  Introducing international curricula/teaching learning methods to make our students competent and competitive in the national and global arena.
  •  Safeguarding the right to education, expression and equal opportunity to all classes of the society.
  • A quality inclusive learning environment that is responsive to student voice.
  • Enriching, engaging resources.
  • Opportunities for community and parents to participate in learning and decision making partnerships.Vision

Teaching Methodology
• Students Centered Theoretical & Practical Classes
• Biological Excursions and Industrial Visits
• Hotel Visits
• Home Assignments
• Audio-Visual Classes
• Extra Classes
• Tutorial Classes
• IT extension with the Partnership of Microsoft

College Timing
Class      Science                      Management
XI           10:30AM - 05:00PM     06:30AM - 11:15AM
XII          07:00AM - 01:30PM     06:30AM - 11:15AM

Academic Facilities

The Science Laboratories are well-equipped and sophisticated. The laboratories are spacious, wellfurnished with all necessary equipment, and are managed by dedicated faculties and Lab Technicians. There is a separate computer lab for the students seeking computer science as the optional subjects.

Students and faculty members can take full advantage of a well-stocked and computerised library which has a good and wide varieties of text books, and other reading materials. This department is handled separately by the experienced Librarians.

Extra Classes
NSS Makes every attempt during the academic period to ensure the regular classes and assignments to encourage students’ own effort in studies so that they can achieve the objective of education. However, if some students require special assistance, extra classes are held for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

Pre-Entrance Classes
NSS has also developed curriculum for Premedical and Pre-engineering classes. They gain a thorough grasp and extensive knowledge of the subjects which they have to prepare for various competitive examinations.

Extra Curricular Activities
To develop the multidimensional personality of the students, NSS gives equal importance to extra curricular and co-curricular activities. Sports festival is held each year to encourage the students in sports. They can also take part in other educational and cultural activities like Debate, Quize, Poetry, Essay, Music, Dance, Art and other social programmes.

Other Facilities

NSS has managed its own girls’ and boys’ hostels for the last ten years to provide the homely and academic environment for the students from outside of the valley. The hostels are situated in peaceful environment at walking distance from college premises. We provide nutritious food besides common facilities like laundry, telephone, etc. and extra tuition classes

NSS has provisions for a cafeteria which provides clean and hygienic food for both the students and faculty members at an affordable cost. The cafeteria is highly restricted against junk foods, smoking and all other alcoholic bevarages.

NSS has its own bus services available to students for the major parts of kathmandu Valley.

Educational Tour
Field trips to different sites are organized to augment theoretical knowledge. There are arrangements for the biological excursions, participation in exhibitions, industrial visits etc.

Admission Procedure
Minimum requirement to apply for admission to Faculty of Science is GPA 2.8 (Grade B) with Optional Maths in SEE or equivalent. Minimum requirement to apply for admission to Faculty of Management is GPA 2.4 (Grade C+) in SEE Only fresh SEE passed out students are eligible to fill up the entrance form of the institution.

Evaluation System
Two Unit Tests and two Terminal Examinations are conducted prior to the final Sent-Up test. Retest and Internal Practical Exams are also held. All Tests are compulsory. The students must pass the Sent-up Test in order to appear in the Higher Secondary Board Examination.

Entrance Exam Criteria

S.No.      Subject                   Science                     Mgmt
1.            English                   20 Marks                   40 Marks
2.            Science                 45 Marks                    -
3.            Mathematics         35 Marks                   60 Marks

Examination time is of two hours for Science Stream & one and half hours for Management Stream. All questions are of multiple choice.
Students passed out in written examination will be selected through interview. Successful students in Written Test and cleared through interview will be eligible to take the admission in a given time frame.

Scholarship Scheme

To encourage deserving, meritorious, economically backward and under-privileged students, NSS offers a wide range of scholarship programmes as follows.


1. NSS Entrance Exam toppers (Top 5 students) get full scholarship in grade XI.
2. NSS Entrance Exam Toppers (Top 6-10 students) get 80% scholarship.
3. NSS Entrance Exam Toppers (Top 11-90 students) get scholarship as per rank order. 
4. Students obtaining A+ (GPA 4.0) in SEE are qualified for NIST meritorious scholarship .
5. Students obtaining A (GPA 3.6) in SEE are qualified for NIST scholarship if they score 60% and above in NSS Entrance Examination.
6. Students of Class XI are qualified for NSS Internal Genius Students Scholarship equivalent to three months tuition fee amount if they stand within top 10 rank in internal test (First Term, Second Term and Sentup Examination).
7. NEB Scholarship Scheme is reserved for the qualified students recommended by NEB.
8. Students securing A+ grade in NEB examination get 100% deduction in tuition fee and those who secure A grade get 50% deduction in tuition fee in grade XII.

Management Stream

1. 100% waiver in monthly fee for a student securing highest marks in NSS Entrance Test.
2. 100% deduction in monthly fee (Twelve months) for those securing GPA 3.6 (Grade A) in SLC provided that they score at least 65% in the Entrance Test.
3. 100% deduction in Admission fee for the students securing GPA 3.2 (Grade B+) in SEE.
4. 50% deduction in Admission fee for the students securing GPA 2.8 (Grade B) in SEE .
5. Deserving & Economically deprived/ Under Privileged/ marginalized students get full or partial scholarship on the basis of the recommendation of NEB.
6. Students of grade XI who secure Grade A or above in HSEB are given 12 months tuition fee free scholarship.

Record of Scholarship Grants for the Last Five Years

Year                               Scholarship         Scholarship            Total
                                      (Female)             (Male)

2067/68(XI & XII)       1519072.00      2803790.00            4322862.00
2068/69(XI & XII)       1765864.00      3187795.00           4953659.00
2069/70(XI & XII)        2055600.00      3285000.00           5340600.00
2070/71(XI & XII)        2345336.00      3496000.00           5841336.00
2071/72(XI & XII)        2654220.00      3785400.00           6439620.00

ICT Based Education 

The developments in the use of the electronic media have influenced all walks of life. Education is no exception to this. The use of computers and the internet for enhancing the quality of education by making learning more relevant to life has been seen as an ideal by educational institutions. The citizens of tomorrow who are our students now are going to live in the age of the electronic media. We are proud to implementing ICT in educaiton for preparing them for the same.

MOS Certification

NSS has been conducting Microsof Office Specialist Certification in Ms Word, Excel and Powerpoint since last year to promote and encourage students to go through ICT. More than 300 students were participated in the MOS Exam and got certified in the year 2072. We believe the Certificaiton will give additional benefit to build a brighter future.

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