Pentagon International College

 Pentagon Int'l College set up under the aegis of Pentagon Education Network (PEN) is affiliated to NEB Nepal. The college imparts education in three streams; Science, Management and Humanities at +2 level. It has been solely conceived with a goal of fostering and foregrounding the academia of Nepal to keep pace with the fast changing pattern and cope with the global challenges and needs of the present day.

The team 'Pentagon' derives its name from the five basic human values; truth, right conduct, peace, love and non-violence. In fact, these values are the essences of human spirituality. Hence, by instilling these values into the tender and developing minds of young students, the philosophy of ideal and true education can be practiced in real life.

Its team comprises highly experienced, qualified and leading academic professionals and astute managers with enormous exposure and recognition in field of educational admistration. They are capable enough to give the students the best education in their fields of study. Here every one is genuinely open, friendly and helpful, making students' academic pursuit more enjoyable and goal-oriented. The life of student here is fun-filled, academically vibrant but creative and blossoming. Pentagon discourages conventional approaches to teaching and embraces pragmatic and productive method. As a result, the learning teaching experience here is much more active and participatory. Students learn to apply their knowledges to practical and professional values.

The college has got a prominent location in close proximity to Ring Road at Tinkune that is to say, the meeting point of three adjoiing districts of the valley. The premises thus are within an easy reach for students coming from different corners. Equipped with state of the art resources and amenities, it is no less on a par with international institutes. Because of these exemplary features, the college turns to be a genuinely ideal centre of education charaterized by its stimulating and supportive environment. The constant service of its elevator is, in addition, a great comfort and convenience for the students and visitors in its multistoried buliding. This very year the Network is going to launch uts further education programs in Bachelor's and Master's levels covering a variety of discplines in collaboration and affiliation with native and foreign universities in its extended another block.

Selection Precedure
Grade XI [Science, Management & Humanities]

The student must score minimum 65% to join Science stream, 60% to join Management stream & 50% for Humanities stream scored in the SEE or equivalent examinations of native and foreign boards. The SEE graduates of previous academic sessions are not to be entertained at any cost. Besides these, students must qualify themselves in the Entrance/Qualifying test to be held by the college for its annual intake.

More importantly, the admissions to Grade XI will be granted on the basis of performance (written test + interview) made by aspirants. Its selection of applicant is made ont he cirteria of 80% of its Entrance Examination resut and 20% SEE Examination result.

A full-colour College Brochure, sample materials regarding Written Test and all other necessary information are provided to the concerned persons/candidates at the time of obtaining application form for admission.

Admission Procedure

After the publication of SEE Examination results by Ministry of Education, Govt of Nepal, the college starts its process of admission. Tentatively, admission session (to Grade XI) starts in between the second week of June (last week of Jestha) and third week of June (first week of Asadh) every year. We don't let Application Forms make available in advance prior to the publication of SLC Examination result. After the result is released, the college through its Dept. of Administration, brings admission schedule to public notice through leading national dailies, weeklies, television, FMs and College Notice.

Scholarship Schemes

This scheme is special advantage for a large number of applicants, particularly for the needy and the worthy who apply and vie for winning, ranging from partial to full or one or other type of it. There is also the special provision of scholarship scheme to SEE Board Toppers, District Toppers, Players, Dalits, Janajatis, Handicapped and Remote Area students. The scholarship is awarded only for one academic session (Grade XI), however, the candidate must attain at least 60% marks in each Terminal Examination. However, the continuation of current or higher level facility in Grade XII entirely depends on the students' performance in the Final/ External Examinations of Grade XI conducted by the NEB. (Part of the scheme is that winners of Grade XI scholarship might remain behind and fresh faces (loosers in Grade XI) might show up as winners in Grade XII). The scholarship is awarded as per the Quota System judged upon the basis of entrance examination.

Teaching Methodology

Our college has adopted an innovative and advanced teaching-learning methodology in an exclusive way. 'The vision 'The inquisitive minds need creative teaching' is the rationale behind this effort. Its educational activities are conducted by a large number of qualified and experienced teaching faculty, supported and complemented by visiting experts of strong academic and professional backgrounds. The teaching is entirely interactive and student-centred. The lectures are supported by students' full participation in case studies, group discussions, project assignments and field-trips. Apart from these, audio-visual aid, charts, models, multimedia, projectors, etc are used to make teaching and learning more interesting, effective and purposeful.

Further; the faculty members are reminded time and again to make full use of notions like 'educare' and 'edutainment'.

Special Package

To ensure optimum materializaion of hopes and dreams of students, we have strategically and strictly worked out to undertake Pre-Entrance Preparation Classes for Medical/Engineering entrance examinations and SAT/TOEFL/CA Foundation Course/Banking Operation Training & IELTS classes for the students yearning to go abroad for higher education. This effort of ours is sure to enhance the sucess rate of students in different competitive examinations as well as in their pursuit of studies abroad.


The college has a very large, sunny and airy rooftop cafteria and can be used for an early breakfast or for lunch. It also provides a quick snack during short-breaks. Both teachers and students take the benefit as food and snack items are prepared in hygienic conditions and at reasonable prices.

Hostel Facility

Pentagon College has separate hostels for boy students and girl students respectively which have good and congenial environment for both accomodation and study. The hostels are, probably, the best college hostels in Nepal as regards to facilities, discipline, care and comfort. Each hostel is card and supervised by a veteran and strict warden (boys' hostel by  male warden and girls' hostel by a female warden), quite capable of dealing with the minds of adolescents. Further, we provide them an atmosphere of developing socially good behaviour and feeling of self realisation. Furthermore, the food served to them as meal is prepared, considering the individual's interest and keeping their health.

Only the students who are permitted to seek admission to academic courses can apply for acconodation to be alloted on the basis of merit and locality. However, the preference is given to those who hail from outside Kathmandu Valley and may face the problem of being accommodated.


The college has a well set-up library. There are plenty of basic text books, reference materials, magazine and newspapers made available all the time. Hardworking and sincere students can always derive benefit from the available library cubicles. In addition, photocopy services for useful note collection and study materials are all the time availabe and possible only at a nominal charge. The library also has sufficient materials for the preparation of pre-medical & pre-engineering entrance examinations. There is also the provision for individual study in separate cabinets.


The class rooms of Pentagon are positive, supportive and comfortable reflecting an academic environment truly. Each classroon has the feature of sufficeint natural light. The rooms are spacious, airy and air-conditioned in a way that they do harmonize with the teaching-learning spirit inside. Our students feel at ease while attending classes as each of them is provided with a bucket-type comfortable chair. The use of white board, multimedia, projectors and charts add up to academic enivronment in the class room.


The college has its own comfortable transport system - for the students to be firried to and from the college premises. However, the students who prefer to make use of public vehicles or want to use their own vehicles find no problem at all because of highly convenient location of the college.

The college buses pick-up and drop the students only form the points identified in its route map made and decided by its department of administration. Its own buses are comfortable and in good condition, ensuring students a safe and convenient travel to their destinations.


Lavoratories of Pentagon meet Int'l standard in quality & structure. One of the added attractions of this college to the students/parents and visitors is its roomy laboratories: Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Computer Science and Hotel Management. They are highly equipped, sophisticated and resourceful. The students feel contented and at ease while conducting practical work as per demand of the course and under the direct supervision of well-trained lab-assistants and subject teachers. The Computer Lab has the advantage of the Internet which students utilize during their scheduled and spare time.

Extra Curricular Activity

Poetry symposium (composition & recitation), essay writing, quiz contest, debate competition, spelling contest, art exhibition, science exhibition, etc. are some of the highlights of internal co-curricular activities. The winners in internal contests are referred to participate in Inter-College Competitions. We are very much pleased and encouraged, by the first rate success story, also in this area of intellect.


The students who take avid interest in extra-curricular activiteis are consistently appreciated and encouraged to take part in indoor and outdoor sports such as basketball, cricket, volleyball, table-tennis, badminton, etc. The facilities that we have been able to provide in the college preimses have started to bear fruit even in a short span of time as our (basketball/ volleyball/ cricket) teams return with shields, cups, medals and certificates whenever they come to participate in Inter-College Tournaments. The Annual Sports Meet (Intra College Tournaments/ Competitions) is organized with much fanfare where maximum number of students participate in a festive mood. Hence, we always inspire the district/ zonal/ regional/ national level high school graduate-players to join this college as we have special schemes to facilitate their studies together with serving their sporting interests.


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