Introducing : Amar Shrestha - a young entreprenuer

Mr. Amar Shrestha, born 1979, is well known administrator, manager and a businessman, Masters degree in management from TU, he started his career as an accountant. Currently, he has been running a software development company with a name CS Infotech where he has teamed up more than twnety-five people. While talking about CS Infotech he speaks, "It is not only about software developing but it is about the solution for Inventory, School management and account holding. This is about user friendly softwares." With this he informed us that he has been involved in different organizations. Among those organizations he loved to talke about Kutumba an NGO. 

'Kutumba' is basically working for under-privileged children who are not getting opportunities to study. Kutumba was started 3 years before and it started with 12 children. With a gradual increase today it is helping more than 50 children and Mr. Amar and his team are targeting for 100 children for the coming session.

Currently designated as a General Manager in Green Hope International Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Shrestha has experience of 7 years as a finance director in one of the network company. Although family occupation is business and trade, Mr. Shrestha has involved himself in the emerging business sector of 21st century, “The Network Marketing” grown up in a traditional business house, Mr. Shrestha views that establishment of the network business in Nepal will strengthen the domestic economy. With all the responsibilities Mr. Amar feels really great to be the part of society where he is getting an opportunity to help our society through his good deeds.


How do you define success?
Success is a continuous journey. If I will have to speak on it on short term basis then success is the moment when you meet your vision with your action.

How would you characterize your teen?
Very normal. It was the time when I enjoyed most. But at the same time I did job also. It's like, you know, teen is teen and we can never get back to that time.

You choosed the field of  IT to grow up with while you have done masters in management. What was the reason to involve in this field?
It was an incident more than a reason. While doing Inter I was learning accountancy and doing a job of assisting accountant also. But for some reason I had to leave that job and the only thing remaining for me was marketing and it was of software. Then I saw a real potential in software market. Besides that I saw software developer were weak in account and could not produced the user friendly software where I had a knowledge on account also. So, I went for user friendly products and I am here today.

What would you like to say about CS Infotech?
CS Infotech is an  IT company . Normally we produces the softwares for school management, inventory management and account managaement for different institutions and organizations. As everyone know that a good organization needs a good account keeping and watching on this fact now we are focusing only on account softwares.

You are involved in different organizations. What is your time management mantra.
It's not that difficult as you might be thinking. If you know how to manage your time then you will have more leisure time. But if you can't manage time properly then you will never have leisure time This is the secret behind the truth of time management.

To come up to this position how you get started?As I have said earlier that I started doing job from my teenage. Though  I was not that serious but when the things get started then it happens like that let it be going and the same thing happened in my life. Gradually I got serious and today I am here. In short, whatever you do do it with passion.

What is the motivating factor behind your success?
If you do something from your inner heart then accomplishing any task is not that harder. You have to be sincere in your work and success come to you and once you become successful then the series is in your hand.

Who is your idol person? Why?
My Dad. He is the person who taught me everything about life. He had seen drastical changes in his life. Up and downs were normal in his life. Whatever the situation was he was under his control. At any instances he successfully played the role of a good dad, a good husband and a good social person. He was a man with motto "simple living high thinking."

One line message for Alfresco Readers.
Today there are boundless opportunities what ever may be your field of endevor. Be patient and never stop working then you will be at the top one day.

Is there anything more that you would like to speak up?
As a human we need to contribute to the society as well and for this I am working with Kutumba an NGO that is working for the under- privileged children. we help them by providing them with scholarships and other accessories which they need for schooling. If any one is interested in this nobel cause then they may help us through sponsoring these children or by taking us to contact with such children who need our support.

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