Introducing : Buddha Shakya - a rising Star

A man in black dress with a charming look smiled on me as I entered his room. So nice of him that he made me feel comfort to make a cool chat. Smiley face, short hair, semi-formal dress and confidence were making his introduction interesting. While talking his gestures also showed that he has a very good body language. Born in an ordinary business family at small urban area of Sindhupalchok district, Mr. Buddha Shakya spent his early-age time in his hometown till S.L.C. With a motive to get better social and financial status, as his father also willed to make him an Engineer, he came in Kathmandu in 1996 to join Amrit Science Campus. Instead of doing engineering, as his inner heart asked for, he joined Art Faculty and completed his graduation and became an art teacher and trainee of classical music.

Here are some chit-chats we have had with Mr. Buddha Shakya, newly rising artist in music field.

How you entered music field?
Since my childhood I was very much fond of music. Even in my school and my locality the environment was musical for me. I used to lead the events in different festive and occasions. My consistent passion and musical environment encouraged me to work harder which led me release my first album “Artha” an ice breaker in Nepali Music fraternity.

So, could you please give some details on “Artha”.
Actually, it is my second album but became the first one to be released. Earlier I recorded an album with title “Bato” which was never released. It was like four or five years back that I got “Bato” recorded but it never came to market because of some deals that I could not make with companies. In short, the deals were not agreeable for me and the single copy of “Bato” is kept in my wardrobe. With this trauma I felt embarrassed, depressed but never stopped to move on. As a result, also it was my fortune, I met Nhyoo Bajracharya and Durga Lal Shrestha who ultimately became my companion and supported me with my album “Artha”. With their company and support I did improve a lot and “Artha” became a new blend of different generation. 

How would you rate “Artha”?
An effort has been made to make it remarkable one in Nepali Sugam Sangeet. I am more than confident that people would value it. Also, listeners are well versed with Nyhoo Bajrachary’s composition. It was made a good than a different. Different things are in limelight for a short time span while good things are remembered for a long span. I have chosen to make it good so there was no expectations of overnight change neither does it happen. But definitely the songs have become, now, public interest and I am always liable to give them my best. To be very sure each moment in music are challenging when expectations from public get higher.

Are you willing to make music field your profession?
I wish to live my life for music. Music is my pleasure. As I am working I also look forward for my fans’ view and choices. Yet, to be very genuine, I have not taken it professionally but I got the recordings in my hand and very soon I will be releasing my second album – “Udaharan” and planning to set out for musical tour both nationally and internationally.

Instances of poverty are seen amongst artists remarkably. What do you think about this?
There are reasons.  People live their life with their own philosophy and choices. If you work hard in business but have a very weak account system then you must be sure one day you are going to lose what you have. Likewise, if your talent is, always, sold for a bottle of wine then you will be left nothing to live on.  To be rich or poor it depends on your own, not your profession but professionalism. I would love to tell you a story that I am even inspired by; a fruit seller who only sells organic and tasty fruits, makes profits and be happy with countless thanks and have a vision to buy acres of land for organic farming in future.

What would you love to tell new comers in music field?
As I have experienced, this field does not require any special kind of qualification and training. It’s your heart and spirit that will let you in. If you are willing to invest 10-15 thousands of rupees then you can get your own record. Again, if you come up to the media mileage then there are FMs, TV Channels and other Medias ready to support you. It’s public that you have to get through. Cause if they love you then you will be established amongst the competitors. The thing we should remember is that – balanced input of good culture, education, family support, self determination and positive attitude is the key of success.

Would you love to tell something about the next album – “Udaharan”?
Recently, I am working on it. I have accomplished few of recordings and other songs are on process. It will be released in June/July 2010. I have written and composed a couple of songs myself. The very-well-renowned personalities Nyhoo Bajracharya and Raju Singh are also supporting me in this album.

One line messages for readers of Alfresco and your fans.
Wish you a Very Happy New Year 2067 B.S. May this year brings you love, peace, health and prosperity in your life.

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