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Youth and Confession

 Vikram dangled his new mobile phone right in front of my face. "This is the latest Nokia phone," he said proudly. All the boys crowded around him. "Don't you want to have a look?" He asked me condescendingly. I pretended not to hear him. Mobile phones had become a craze in school everybody owned one. Vikram and I were partners in this case, as we both didn't have mobile phone. But now, here he was proudly showing off his new phone.

I had tried convincing my mom several times but had failed. She didn't feel the need for me to own a mobile phone. Firstly, because my house was at walking distance from school and secondly, because I hardly went out. She never understood why I stayed home so often.

I was tired of being left out from this gizmo world. Everyday guy's used to talk about the latest DVD sets, MP3 players and mobile phones. I was not very keen on music or movies so I didn't mind not having the other stuffs but a mobile phone, in my opinion, was necessary. I mean ... in case of emergency or not was not certain but what if .....? People should be prepared you know. This statement was tried and tested and frequently failed.

That evening we had been invited to my aunt's place. I was in no mood to socialize with anybody because I had had a big argument with my mom for the phone. The only thing I could think about was having one. I didn't care about the cost or maintenance. I just wanted to show it to my friends........ yes, that was the main reason! I know it's childish but what's the harm in it when everybody is doing it?

Anyway, in hope of getting some solace.

  • Have you ever wondered what the meaning of education is? Is it passing the exams, getting certificates or gaining knowledge? We go to college through out the year but the real effort begins when the exams come close. The whole year we are busy bunking classes, going on strikes and hanging out with friends. As soon as we know the routine has been published we then go into hibernation and start studying.

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