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Chit chat with Mr. Gyan Ratna Maharjan

Recently Alfresco magazine got an opportunity to talk with Mr. Gyan Ratna Maharjan , a social activist who is the President of “X-pose Nepal” and working on abuse and the violence against young girls and woman

Success in your word
In my view, carrying on any definite work with passion and confidence is success.

How would you characterize your teen?
Really, teenage is not only the golden but the platinum phase of our whole life. On those days I used to dream to make big name and fame.

 How you made up your mind to start “X-pose Nepal”?
In 2004 A.D. my bi-monthly magazine “X-pose” was collapsed because of some problems. As my entire team was working for social services through that magazine we couldn’t stop ourselves. Very sooner we came to know about the problems that Nepalese girls and women were facing then we didn’t give a second thought and we started “X-pose Nepal”.

How “X-pose Nepal” has been helping Nepalese society?
As we all know that Nepalese society lacks some information about abuse and violence against young girls and women. X-pose Nepal is trying to spread the information among the society including all school girls, college girls and women. As we know today is the era of information and we think every individual have a right to have right information and X-pose Nepal is helping the society to get the information about sexual abuse and violence against girls and women.

What is your motivating factor?
My beliefs. Initially when my organization was collapsed I couldn’t recognize the defects that caused the situation. Later on I came to know it was due to lack of knowledge, weak team and other reasons. But I trusted on myself and today I am here.

So, how your organization is working?
Hum…………. really hard to give all the details on this as I have been through lots of activities during these seven years. Initially our team was able to conduct some of programme packages. Recently we are woking in five districts. If we talk about Lalitpur district only then it has 23 VDCs. It became really hard for us to make a direct approach to all these VDCs, initially. But with local alliance we were able to launch different programmes. Within these programmes we have conducted 52 awareness programmes on sexual abuse and violence against young girls and women in educational institutions like high school and higher secondary schools. Besides this, we are supporting young people for their education. Recently we are supporting 4 school students and 38 +2 level students. And very recently we conducted an art workshop at Mangal Bazaar with the title “Female” where many artists showed their active participation.

Who is your ideal person?
If I have to talk in context to Nepal then Anuradaha Paudel is my ideal person and if I will go beyond the boarder then Mother Teresa.

One line message for Alfresco readers.
Every person must continue reading books and practice team work for long term change. 


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